Everyone's invited

so nobody gets left out of the conversation

Talk to the whole gang at once

Hangouts works the same everywhere - computers, Android and iOS devices, so you can get the whole gang together no matter what device they’re on.


Hangout with all your closest friends, family, sports buddies or even those old classmates you never get to see anymore. You know who has read up to where, when someone is typing and it’s easy to add more people to a group at any time. You can also see who's reachable right now on Hangouts: green icons mean they are, and gray icons mean they aren't.

Desktop experience

With Hangouts, you can always connect with others, even from your computer. And your conversations are always synced so it’s easy to pick up right where you left off.


Talk with your friends while multitasking reading and sending emails. If you are opted out of Hangouts in Gmail, you can always click on your profile photo in the chat list and select "Try the new Hangouts" to get started.


Hangouts works right inside Google+, just like it does with Gmail. So type away, share photos from your Google+ albums, and view shared photos full screen.

Across Computers

The Chrome app works across your desktop, even when Chrome isn't open. This means new Hangouts will always be highlighted on your screen, no matter what you're working on or which browser you're using.

The computer app requires the Chrome runtime

Use Hangouts across your desktop

Continue your Hangouts on the go

Hangouts supports SMS on Android

Mobile experience

Hangouts works the same everywhere - computers, Android and iOS devices, so you can get the whole gang together no matter what device they’re on. If you enable SMS for Hangouts, you’ll receive message even when you’re not connected to the internet. Messages are delivered as SMS and you can reply by SMS as well. Enable SMS for Hangouts

Hangouts transitions effortlessly between desktop and mobile so you can start a Hangout on your computer, and continue it on the go!

iPhone, iPad and iPod

You can call phones and most calls to the US and Canada are free! International calling is available too at super low rates. If you're a Google Voice user, calls can be made and received from any of your iOS devices.*

*where available

Get the app The Apple app works on iOS 6.1+ across iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 4th generation.


Your SMS and MMS messages are right in the same spot as all your online conversations and video calls. So when someone sends you a message, you'll see it in your Hangouts app no matter how they send it.

Get the app The Android app works on Android 2.3+.

Say more

with Photos & GIFs, Emoji and Location

Whether you're talking just with that special someone or figuring out Friday night plans with the whole gang, say more than just words. Conversations can easily be relived by scrolling back in time and photos sent and received are also available in your Google+ albums.

Photos & GIFs

A photo is worth a thousand words. A GIF? Probably a million! Share into conversations from your camera, phone gallery or Google+ albums. Even better, photos and GIFs shared in Hangouts are saved in an album for the whole group to enjoy later.


Feeling tired? Watching a movie? Craving some icecream? Hangouts has more than 850 hand-drawn emoji to help express whatever you need to say, in a fun new way. From dozens of smiley (and silly) faces, to food, clothing accessories and more, find exactly the emoji to make your point.


Make every "Where are you?" easier to answer with built-in, sharable maps. Tap the placemark icon at the bottom of the Hangout to send a pin with your exact location. Then, just stay put, your friends will be arriving shortly!

Say it with photos and GIFs

Add emoji to your conversations

Share your exact location

Say hello like you're really together

with built-in group Voice and Video calls

Video call with up to 10 friends at once

Call phone numbers right from Hangouts

Sometimes you really need to laugh out loud. Turn any Hangout into a live video call with up to 10 friends or simply choose a contact to start a phone call - and your conversations just flow from text-to-video/voice-and-back, in a matter of clicks. Who says you can’t be together even when you’re not?

 Video Calls

With one touch, you can get face-to-face with one friend or a whole bunch. Video calls ring your friends wherever they use Hangouts - phone, tablet or computer, so they’ll know you’re calling. Effects like silly hats and built-in apps make video calls even more playful and productive.

 Voice Calls

Having a bad hair day but still want to talk? Then just start a voice call in Hangouts. Once you're talking, it's easy to add more people or switch to video mode if you like. Hangouts voice calls are available on Android, iOS, and desktop. Calls are free to most numbers in the US and Canada, and international rates are super, super low.*

*where available